Do women really have a lower sex drive than men do?

Sex drive is a very personal thing. There are tremendous variances in sex drive from person to person. And there are certainly no absolutes. Recent studies have shown that in many marriages, it is the man who is less interested in sex. So, we know there are some women whose libidos are higher. But in general, men have higher sex drives than women’s. Additionally, their sexual desire is more clear-cut. In women, sexual desire is complex.

There is research to suggest that because women’s sexual desire is not so simple that perhaps a large proportion of women don’t really have a lack of sex drive or a lower sex drive, but instead they are not getting the emotional intimacy they need in order to begin to think sexually.

But we do know for certain that men think about sex on average at minimum once daily. Women, on the other hand, tend not to think about sex that often. Only 25% of women reported daily thoughts about sex. 
Men masturbate more frequently than women do as well. In fact 67% of men masturbate. But only 40% of women do. Men seek out prostitutes more often than women. Even nuns keep their chastity vows more often than men do. Overall, men report more lifetime sexual partners than women do.

But even women with high sex drives can experience a loss of libido. There are a number of causes for this. Sometimes underlying medical conditions can result in lack of libido. Depression and pregnancy can greatly impact drive. So can hormonal fluctuations due to aging, stress, postpartum, and menopause. 
If a woman’s sex drive begins to decline, she may wonder why. And her partner may wonder how to increase sex drive for women. The mythical Spanish fly, which in a class of aphrodisiacs, has been sought out time and again to help enable women to get in the mood for sex. However, a more proven remedy than Spanish fly is sex drops, which work from hormones. This is effective since often it is a hormonal issue causing the low sex drive.