How do you lose your libido?

Your libido or sex drive is a part of your sexual personality. How can you lose a part of your personality? Yet it is a frequent and common occurrence for women and men to report a loss of libido. Women often experience a lack of sex drive as a result of certain illnesses. Diabetes and anemia, for example, can cause your sex drive to plummet. 

Hormonal changes are problematic for women for a number of reasons, but a change in sex drive is often among them. Women’s lack of sex drive can often be traced back to a shift in her hormones. Pregnancy, postpartum period, and menopause are the most obvious, but certainly not the only ones. Stress, illness, major changes, and aging can also impact her libido. 

Some people have a low sex drive to begin with.  A lack of libido is challenging enough, but a loss of libido is confusing and scary. The person can wonder what happened to them. 
Sometimes it can be a side effect of medication. In cases where the doctor can find a clear cause, the fix is often simple. But when the cause is unclear—as is often the case with hormonal changes—it is more frustrating. 

When a woman experiences a loss of libido, her partner is often mystified too. Then search begins for how to increase sex drive for women. It can upsetting to both parties as the man feels rejected and the woman simply doesn’t know why she feels so different. 

The loss of libido has nothing to do with how she feels about her partner. But it can damage the relationship. In these cases, it can be important to try out a Spanish fly. Not the original Spanish Fly, which can be toxic, but one of the aphrodisiacs on the market. 

In these instances, sex drops can be helpful as they address the hormonal issues which are typically the underlying cause. Hormones are an ingredient in sex drops, which makes them so effective. Loss of libido can be scary and upsetting. Treating it helps.