How Exercise Can Boost Sex Drive in Women

Although a good run will make you feel very sore and completely lacking in the desire to have sex, over the long run, exercise can really help to boost your libido! Women who exercise regularly (Four times a week, an hour a piece) find that they reap many benefits which can directly impact their sex life in a positive manner.

Exercise Diminishes PMS and Periods

Regular exercise (and healthy eating) has a wonderful effect for women: it diminishes PMS and reduces period symptoms! Both of these things have a definite negative impact on your sex life when PMS is bad. The reason why exercise and eating well helps is because it helps your hormones stay more balanced. Eating poorly and never exercising causes your hormones to go haywire and that shows up in horrible PMS symptoms and bad periods. When you exercise regularly and eat well, hormones that are supposed to make small changes are able to just do those small changes and so the impact on your body is greatly diminished.

You Look and Feel Better

While we don’t endorse the skinny woman, fit women tend to look more attractive and more importantly, feel a lot healthier. Feeling better and healthier gives you more energy which in turn will boost sex drive. Exercising regularly is also good for your self esteem because you can get out of the house and you may meet new people which will give you new things to talk about and new outlooks on life. All of these things are a great way to live life to the fullest!

Improve Stamina and Flexibility

And let’s not overlook this aspect of improving sex drive via exercise! Aerobics exercises (running, jogging, dancing, swimming) greatly improves the strength of your heart and muscle tone while weight training improves your strength. And trust me when I say that stronger muscles and increased stamina will greatly improve your sex life and increase your sex drive! It will also make for some incredible sexual encounters and that will only leave you both wanting more.

Regular exercise has some amazing benefits in all aspects of your life and on your body. You’ll feel stronger and have more energy and lose weight. It will also improve your sex life by improving sex drive and helping you to have even better sex than before. Make it your (belated) New Year’s Resolution to exercise, get fitter and have fantastic sex this year!