If you've lost it, how do you find it again?

A lot of women come in to their physician’s office complaining of a loss of sex drive. A loss of libido is devastating to many people, and well it should be. The American Medical Association reports that the number of women who suffer from Female Sexual Arousal Disorder (FSAD) is in the millions. This lack of libido is not the same thing as an inability to orgasm. The women affected by FSAD can orgasm without difficulty. They are simply not in the mood to have sex. They have a lack of sex drive.

Aside from the medical condition, FSAD, there are number of health issues that can cause a low sex drive as well. Diabetes, depression, and even some medications even provoke a dip in sex drive as a side effect. At different points in a woman’s life, she may experience a loss of sex drive due to hormonal factors. For instance, pregnancy has a profound effect on sex drive. The postpartum period is well known for the hormonal shifts and women losing their libido. Menopause is another period where women struggle to recover their interest in sex. 

Sometimes there is simply an imbalance between partners. One partner has a high drive and the other partner is more average or low. 
If you want to know how to increase sex drive for women, the first stop is your doctor’s office. He can run tests and make sure there is not some underlying condition inhibiting your libido. Once he clears you, you can make use of aphrodisiacs. For centuries, people have sworn by remedies, such as the controversial Spanish Fly for help with low sex drive.

A better, more effective solution is an aphrodisiac with hormones, which is really what causes the dip in sex drive for women anyway—in cases where there is no underlying medical condition. Sex drops, for example, are a terrific way to help raise her libido back to its previous levels. Uneven sex drive is a strain on a relationship. But if you have lost your sex drive, you can get it back again.