Important Vitamins and Minerals for Female Sex Drive

All right, so you should know that what you eat (and drink) is important for your overall health as a woman, including your sex drive and libido. After all, if you eat poorly, you won’t feel very sexy and you’ll probably have a harder time with arousal. But it can be very hard to figure out exactly what you need to eat (and why) if you want to improve your libido. Germany sex drops are a great product to use to improve lubrication and arousal very quickly, but it’s still important to consider your nutritional needs when it comes to permanently improving your sex drive and libido. So what are some important vitamins and minerals for your libido?

Essential Fatty Acids

So important we’ve devoted an entire article to it! But it’s worth mentioning again: essential fatty acids are the building blocks of many sex hormones in women and provides a foundation for energy and muscles too. Make sure to eat your oily fish, nuts and leafy greens!

Zinc (Important Mineral for Female Sex Drive)

We often think of zinc as being a male libido booster and it is, no mistake. The reason for this is because zinc is tied to testosterone, but testosterone is very important for the female sex drive as well. Zinc also boosts the immune system and reduces the impact of stress on the body, all of which are important to increase sex drive and enjoy having a sex life again! You can find zinc in pumpkin seeds, oysters, liver, roasted wheat germ, dried watermelon seeds, roast beef and dark chocolate (hurray!) Keep in mind that you only need a small amount of zinc to reap the most benefits; too much zinc inhibits absorption of key vitamins.

Magnesium (Important  Mineral for Female Sex Drive)

Magnesium is important because it helps bring more oxygen through the body which in turn improves sensitivity and blood flow. It also helps to build up muscles and improve stamina—all good things! Foods high in magnesium include fish, artichokes, barley, almonds and navy beans. There are plenty of other foods with magnesium in them though and remember that you don’t need much to get lots.

Vitamins E and B (Important Vitamins  for Female Sex Drive)

Vitamins E and B (specifically B6) are both essential vitamins for your libido. Vitamin E helps your body supply your sex organs with oxygen, improving blood flow and sensitivity. Vitamin B6 improves stamina and helps women orgasm more often and in a stronger fashion. Vitamins E and B are generally found in high grain foods like whole wheat bread while vitamin E can be found in many nuts and seeds, as well as many breakfast cereals.

Of course, an all around healthy diet will help you to not only improve your sex drive, but also many other aspects of your life. So make sure to eat right and see how your libido will soar!