Lower Sex Drive After Baby is Born

The post-baby cool or chill is a phenomenon which happens to most women who give birth to a new baby. This chill refers to the period of time after giving birth where a woman’s libido is incredibly low and it comes from a number of factors. In order to improve sex drive safely, it’s important to know these causes and what best to do about them.


Doctors advise that women do not have sex until at least six to eight weeks after giving birth, particularly if it was a vaginal birth. The trauma of giving birth wrecks havoc on the body and it has to heal up before sex. Furthermore, it’s rather icky to contemplate it; most women go through about nine moths worth of periods in a six week period! Who wants to have sex with that going on!

There’s not much you can do about this but wait. Make sure to take care of your health because you may be prone to urinary tract infections and other problems while your body patches up.

Sheer Exhaustion

Many people underestimate just how tiring a baby is until they have one. With late night feedings (breast or bottle), random hours to do things like bathe, change and play with the baby and the simple weight of having someone depend on you, it can be flat out exhausting, particularly the first year or so. It is very hard to even contemplate sex, let alone do it, when you constantly feel like you want to fall on your face.

If both partners are willing to help with baby care, the exhaustion is shared ad so it’s a little easier to scrape up the energy for a sexual encounter!

Baby Blues/Post Partum Depression

Baby blues and PPD both refer to the emotions many women feel after giving birth which can range from moodiness to outright depression. The causes of it are partly hormonal and partly stemming from feelings of isolation (the first few weeks are often fairly lonely because it’s hard to leave the house), separation from the baby, and fear, as well as exhaustion. Baby blue strike over 80% of all post-birth women while PPD hits about 25% of women. Both are normal reactions to the new baby in the house, but they can make it very hard to feel romantic!

For both situations, it’s important to reassure your wife or girlfriend, make sure she’s taking care of herself and help out around the house so that she can recover faster. For severe cases of PPD, it would be advisable to seek a counsellor, therapist or doctor for help.

Having a lower sex drive after giving birth is very normal and the best thing to do is to make sure that your spouse is feeling supported, helped, and loved. Sex drive will return in time! If you want to help it along a little, try Germany Sex Drops to improve sex drive and help your wife or girlfriend feel sexier and more ready to go at night. Good luck.