Searching for the Sex Cure: A Brief History of Sexual Enhancement for Women

It’s an old joke that since the beginning of time, men have sought the best ways to turn a woman on; in partnership to that joke is the fact that women are notoriously hard to turn on! Although this isn’t the case for all women, the fact is that there has been a running trade in aphrodisiacs to turn women on for centuries. It’s rather at war with the idea that ‘good’ women are chaste, modest and non-sexual, but the two schools of thought on women ad sexuality have persisted to this day.

Aphrodisiacs have been used since ancient time as a way to seduce women. The word comes from the Goddess Aphrodite who was the goddess of love. In ancient times, the most potent aphrodisiac was scent and boy were there some odd-balls! Weird aphrodisiacs intended to drive women wild included:

  • Bear Crease-Cleopatra used this to seduce men. It probably won’t work anymore.

  • The Romans sold love potions made up of things like starfish, sucking fish and menstrual blood (YUCK!)

  • Perfume made from Frankincense and Myrrh

  • A drink with gold in it-ruinously expensive, but hey, maybe it worked? Or maybe just the idea that you were rich enough to drink gold was a turn-on

  • Almonds plus flakes of pine trees and honey before bed. The almonds may have done the trick; almonds have been shown to improve libido in women.

  • In 1882, the first perfume intended to seduce women (it was geared towards men) was created. The idea of perfume being used to make people feel attracted to you lingers on today with perfume for women and cologne for men (which is really just perfume, but more manly).

  • Pheromones. Pheromones are hormones which are stimulating to others-in this case, sexually. Pheromones can be purchased as additives for your cologne or perfume

Most of these things though were done by men to seduce women because up until the 1960s and the sexual revolution, women were still thought of as non-sexual creatures by many people. The idea was for men to seduce women and women to put up with it and this school of thought even lingers on today!

In the 1960s and into the ‘70s though, this long held tradition would crack. The sexual revolution, brought on by more independence for women, birth control pills and other contraceptives meant that women felt more empowered to take their libido into their own hands. This meant that more products were being designed to help women feel more sexually aroused on their own, without the aid of a mere male. Things like creams and ointments popped up which were intended to help a woman become better lubricated and feel aroused more easily. A raging trade in less legal drugs crashed into society with roofies and the continuing use of Spanish Fly.

Into the new millennium, a push for more natural products exploded onto the market. Studies were given over to understanding how different foods and herbs affected female libido and new herbal supplements such as Germany Sex drops came into the scene to help women get aroused faster and safer.

The search for best way to improve female libido will likely go on until the end of time and so we leave you here to consider your options. Good luck and enjoy your sex life!