Sexual Dysfunctions in Women

Although we may think of things like premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction when we think of sexual dysfunctions, women have many different types as well—it’s just not something that is talked about as often. This is partly a cultural thing and partly an embarrassment factor. There is still, for many women, the line of thought which claims that women aren’t supposed to be very sexual anyway and so for that to translate to the bedroom is normal. More pressing though, for the modern woman, is that it is simply too embarrassing to contemplate and it’s not something that they wish to discuss with their doctor and definitely not with their spouse (leading to the infamous headache excuse). The reality is that many, many women suffer from a variety of sexual dysfunctions which can lead to and be lead by things like low libido, difficulties with arousal and low sex drive.

The most common sexual dysfunctions in women are:

  • Difficulty producing lubrication which leads to uncomfortable and even painful sex

  • Low or almost no sex drive, often caused by exhaustion, anxiety, depression, stress and poor health

  • Pain during or after sex

  • Difficulty orgasming (sometimes it’s more a difficulty in recognizing an orgasm; the media has trained women to believe it should always be earth-shattering when this is not always the case)

As you can see, many of these problems are not cut and dry; what is high sex drive for one woman is low for another, for example. This is part of what makes figuring out whether or not you have a sexual dysfunction is so hard.

There are lots of things which can cause these problems including certain medications and contraceptives, depression, anxiety, pregnancy, post-pregnancy chilling period, breast-feeding, poor health, and menopause. Some of these things can be managed or mitigated, some have to be weathered and many of them may require the aid of a doctor. It might seem embarrassing to you, but a doctor can help you to figure out what’s causing your problems between the sheets and recommend solutions or changes to your lifestyle to solve the problem.

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