Testosterone and Female Libido

 We think of testosterone as a strictly male thing; testosterone often being equated to strength and sexual prowess. However, testosterone is very important to the female libido too (and no, not because women all want to be carried off by a testosterone driven male!). Testosterone is the sex hormone for both sexes; it helps to strengthen arousal and levels of it will determine libido. Higher levels of testosterone for both sexes will mean a higher sex drive. In women who have a lower testosterone, due to a wide range of factors, their sex drive and libido will be lower and so they may feel depressed, upset, angry, frustrated or lonely—and their spouse will feel much the same way!

Low levels of testosterone are often found in women with premature ovarian failure (ie, early menopause or a problem with the ovaries that causes them to cease functioning properly). It is also noted by fatigue, low arousal, depression and low energy. Women who have had their ovaries removed will also find that their testosterone levels drop and take libido with it. And finally, those with naturally occurring low rates of testosterone will find that they never had much libido (and may never even have occurred to these women that it was a problem!) There are lots of reasons for low testosterone levels and they are very rarely the fault of the woman in question. Speaking to a doctor about your low libido will give you great results and let you get your libido back!

While many therapies for menopausal women are heavy into oestrogen supplements, studies have shown that a combination of testosterone and oestrogen supplement is better. Both hormones compliment each other and work to bring back mood and increase levels of arousal. However, methods testosterone supplementation varies wildly. Prior to the year 2000, women were give injections, but there was often too much testosterone in the injection and side effect included things like a deeper voice, facial hair and other ‘male’ traits; not really desirable! Nowadays, testosterone implantation rides the line between things like small dose injections and creams.

Women with low testosterone levels do not have to feel as though they are never going to get their libido back just because their hormones are misbehaving. Testosterone is an important aspect of sexual health and fortunately, advances in medical technology means that more and more women can organize their hormones and get their sexual health back. Good luck!