The Female Orgasm

Up until the 1970s or so, many doctors considered the female orgasm to be a myth put out the sex starved media. And many women agreed; orgasms were just not doneexcept in raunchy books. However, more recent medical science disagrees and wildly! The argument is that not only does the female orgasm exist, but it holds a huge range of benefits for women of all ages. An orgasm promotes feelings of relaxation, bonding, stress relief, and can even help the heart. But many men (and women too) have a hard time figuring out how to make their partner orgasm and it can be frustrating.

There are some products which can help, particularly if the woman in question has a hard time producing lubrication. Germany sex drops for example can help women orgasm because it promotes blood flow increases sensitivity and lubrication naturally. However, orgasms take more than a product to provoke and if it’s done right, most women can orgasm multiple times!

The factors playing into the female orgasm include:

  • A peaceful, romantic setting

  • Feeling comfortable with her partner

  • Feeling comfortable and happy with herself

  • Good health

  • Proper lubrication

  • Proper stimulation

For many women, it is the clitoral stimulation which does the trick, not vaginal stimulation. Beyond that vague sort of similarity though, the sky is limit and getting the precious O out of a woman often means a combination of good humor, trial and error and simply asking her what she likes. Lowering expectations is important as well; most women do not have the explosive, earth shattering orgasm which the media portrays; instead, it can range from being fairly quiet (though no less intense) to the screaming portrayed in movies and books! And sometimes it takes a few times before it becomes recognizable as such. The whole thing can be muddied by the fact that most women don’t have a female orgasm every single time; everything has to be just right for it to happen and of course, this simply cannot be the case every time.

The female orgasm is not some mythical thing which can only be achieved on the thirteenth month of the year! With patience, skill and practice, almost any woman can have an orgasm and many can have multiple orgasms! It is perfectly achievable and well worth striving for since it provides so many benefits for both women and their partners.