What Causes Lubrication in Women?

Most people don’t particularly like to think of vaginal discharge; it’s kind of icky really. However, vaginal discharge serves some incredibly important functions, including keeping the vagina clean and free from bacteria and of course, making sex more comfortable and enjoyable. Women suffering from vaginal dryness find that they have a much harder time enjoying sex and may disengage from it completely, which is something that hurts the relationship as a whole. In order to understand lubrication, it’s important to understand what causes it and how you can help your body to produce more of it.

Lubrication is actually a form of mucous and the amount that is produced naturally by the body varies wildly depending on factors such as the point of the menstrual cycle you’re on, diet, infections, genetics, sex drive, arousal and general health. The lubrication is produced by glands found on either side of the vaginal opening. Mucous is also moved through the vaginal walls to provide extra lubrication since the glands don’t do enough. The body knows to release more lubrication in the following circumstances:

  • Arousal

  • During certain points of the menstrual cycle

  • Some points during pregnancy

  • Post-birth

Lubrication in these cases is meant to help keep the vagina clean and ready for sex!

However, many women have difficulty producing lubrication. Their hormones may not be in balance (a low level of oestrogen in particular may cause dryness) or they not be able to produce much naturally. Dehydration and poor health can also lead to vaginal dryness and troubles with arousal and sex drive.

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Lubrication is very important to helping your sex drive and increase libido and Germany Sex Drops can help with your lubrication. If you’ve been struggling with this problem, you’re far from alone and the solution is at hand. Good luck.