What's a Spanish Fly?

The actual Spanish Fly is a beetle, not a fly at all. It is a deep green beetle. However, when people refer to it, they are likely referencing the irritant which comes from the blister beetle. In some pharmacies, you can purchase this “Spanish Fly” since many believe it is an aphrodisiac, or a substance that can be used to raise sex drive.
Low sex drive is a real problem, not only for the person experiencing it, but for their partner as well. Thus, much time and energy has been poured into discovering aphrodisiacs. The Spanish Fly has long been held out as a means of boosting a low sex drive. The actual Spanish Fly is the acid-like fluid from the blister beetle. This is generated by the beetle when he feels in danger. Crushed beetles are dried and turned into a powder. The irritation produced from this fluid swells the genital area of the person who ingested it. 

As a result, people began thinking that the blister beetle was an aphrodisiac. However, this fluid is actually toxic and cause serious side effects and even be deadly.

The term “Spanish Fly” is still used as a euphemism for aphrodisiacs. People will often suggest mythical products thought to help a lack of sex drive and refer to them a “Spanish Fly.” They mean it has aphrodisiac properties. In reality, there are few bona fide products that address a lack of libido. Many people greatly desire a product to address a loss of libido, especially in women. Women often have fluctuations in sex drive as they age. Hormonal shifts can greatly impact their sexual desire. The subject of  how to increase sex drive for women is an important one.
In fact, hormones play a huge role in sex drive in women. The best way to address libido in women is through sex drops, which utilize hormones in their formula. In women, this is the best course of action since hormones control sexual desire. If a loss of sex drive is a problem for a woman, addressing hormones is the best course of action.