Why the Female Orgasm is Healthy

For men, getting a woman to orgasm is a badge of honor and something to be proud of. The media has instilled in many people the idea that women are difficult to please and that the orgasm is very hard to achieve. However, a good O is not just a mark of a good romp between the sheets; it’s also something that is very good for the health of any woman. Why is the orgasm so healthy and worth striving for?

The Stress Buster

Orgasming regularly (not all of the time because that just won’t happen) has been shown to do a number of things to reduce stress. Women find it easier to sleep after sex because the hormones released during the act have a tranquilizing effect. Other hormones like endorphins and bonding hormones make women feel more relaxed and comfortable. A promotion of bonding between partners also cuts down on feelings of isolation, stress and loneliness, feeding into a heightened state of well being and that’s always a good thing!

The Fat Buster

Sex burns calories; it’s true! Half an hour between the sheets can burn at minimum about 150 calories and more if you orgasm. Sex is actually fairly hard work for the body-especially with all the different positions-and there is a lot of muscle work, balance and flexibility going on. And this isn’t factoring the foreplay which could burn even more calories.

Regular orgasms also suppress the appetite and reduce instances of stress eating. This is because an orgasm simulates the production of phenetylamine, a type of amphetamine which regulates your appetite. When it’s activated, your appetite evens out and you no longer crave junk food so badly. It also suppresses the urge for a cigarette!

The Pain Buster

In direct contrast to the old ‘Not tonight dear, I have a headache’ routine, research has shown that orgasms relieve the pain of migraines due to the release of painkillers and feel good hormones in the brain. A good orgasm can also relieve menstrual cramping, though you may have a harder time finding a man willing to go that far. So the next time you feel a headache coming on, ditch the tylonol and grab your hubby instead.

There are lots of benefits to a good time in bed! It not only feels good, it is good for you, mind, body and soul. Some doctors even believe that regular sex with someone you care for helps to protect you from heart attacks because it lowers cravings for bad food and helps you to lose weight and get lower blood pressure! So many good reasons to have sex… what are you waiting for? Shoo! Go have some fun!