Why Weight Loss is Important to Increase Sex Drive

When it comes to increasing sex drive for women, many ladies think of pills, creams and oils and those things work well enough. But doing work on yourself may also be the place to start, particularly if you are a member of a growing number of overweight women.

Let’s talk seriousness ladies; we don’t really like being overweight. Certainly we should feel confident in ourselves and ready to take on the world, but it’s hard to do that when you feel breathless all the time and a niggling worry in the back of your mind is that you may not live to see fifty because of a heart attack or stroke. The sobering fact is that heart attacks and other weight related health problems are on the rise and such things are never good to worry about when you’re trying to kindle a mood! Plus, being overweight nibbles at your confidence and makes you wonder if your hubby would prefer someone else.

Even if we assume that you are confident in yourself (good for you girl!), it’s still a good idea to get a little fitter so that you can do some of the kinky stuff in the bedroom and so that you’re not gasping for breath in a bad way. So, with that in mind, let’s look at how losing even a bit of weight can help your sex drive soar.

Weight Loss=Improved Fitness

Part of any successful weight loss is an exercise routine. This routine can mean things like walking, running, weight training, swimming…. Well, the list goes on and that’s not our focus here. What is the focus is the fact that when you exercise, you do a range of things that can help your sex drive:

Build muscle so that you can go longer
Improve respiration so you’re not gasping throughout
Improve flexibility… well, you know.
Improve blood flow for sensitivity

If you and your partner exercise together, the improvements jump even higher. Exercise releases hormones in the brain that help to deal with pain from exercise and also makes you feel closer to your partner because you are working towards a similar goal. There’s nothing like sweating it out in the gym to improve sweating it out between the sheets!

Weight Loss=Improved Self Image

Even the most confident plus size gal still feels a bit awkward at times. Now, while we do not endorse becoming stick thin (because frankly, that’s rather unappealing too), going down to your ideal weight (For you anyway) can dispel that last nagging doubt and make you feel fantastic. It’s shallow, we know, but most people feel better when they think they look better and when you’ve shed a bit of weight, you’ll likely feel better about yourself!

Not worried about the fat? Well, there are other considerations, such as the fact that overweight women are more prone to cellulose, acne, and eczema and those things are irritating and unattractive!

Losing weight is important to all aspects of your health, including your sexual health. With obesity levels on the rise, you should seriously consider getting away from that statistic and becoming a healthier and fitter you! Your romantic life will definitely appreciate it.